Lyn Pacificar, a Filipina American artist born in Los Angeles.  She studied fine arts at Pasadena City College and continued professionally painting over a decade selling to private buyers.  She is a wife, mother of two, and an urban farmer.


Artist Statement

I work predominantly in the medium of oil, and use direct and indirect painting methods with glazing technique.  Occasionally, I enjoy drawing with pen and pencil, finger painting with acrylics, and confecting mixed media as grounds for my oil paintings.  My artistic philosophy involves manifesting art pieces rooted in the metaphysical, transcendental, and spiritual experiences.

Elements in my pieces are derived from my observation and study of nature, from the tiniest life forms to the infinitely expansive universe.  In a sense, they are embodiments of consciousness and the abysmal subconsciousness, coalescing philosophies and belief systems of creationism and evolutionism into a harmonic amalgamation.  I am inspired by Spirit and each piece transitions to the next, becoming related through my own progression of self and universal realization.  

My art invokes connection, catalyzes a shift in consciousness, and effectuates deeply spiritual and internal conversation.

I am available for commissioned artwork.  Please contact me for details.

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