Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Art saved my life, carrying me through my darkest times. Through channeling and transmuting my emotional and spiritual journey onto canvas, I was empowered to create the hope and light I needed to survive and later, thrive. Because of my healing experience, it is my mission to create mental wellness and spiritual connection through shamanic art.

Descending from a lineage of Filipino shamans, my close relationship to ancestors, nature’s elements, and the multidimensional spirit realms are sources of inspiration. My art is a portal to inner worlds and a gateway to galaxies of wonder. It communicates universal wisdom, guidance, and truths.

My creative process always begins with meditation and the preparation of mediums and materials. Each piece is built in layers through glazing methods, highlighting and pushing back forms to develop depth and transition from light to dark. Working in this manner allows me to convey the range and nuance of visions within my mind.

My artistic goals include three solo art exhibitions centered around my personal journey to peace and self-love. Additionally, it has been my long-time dream to curate a group art show comprised of works of the participants from the meditational art workshops I have led. Most importantly, I aspire to create positive change in the lives of others by fostering artistic expression with the help of shamanic coping tools for mental and spiritual wellness, in this way, allowing me to give back to the creative community that served me and saved me so many decades ago.